redpepper marketing intern fall 2017

redpepper is an integrated advertising agency that grows brands of all sizes by connecting with people through human-centered, highly spreadable "things." Interactive things, video things, print things - they all have a place. Past clients include MARS, Slack, Cracker Barrel, and more. I was human search engine. I ran with questions to uncover insights, trends, and solutions in surprising places. And then translated my findings into writing, spreadsheets, or the often-underrated verbal explanation. Along with this research, PR, social media management, database management, etc., I also wrote an intern blog, worked collectively with other interns on a semester long intern project, and worked with the other marketing intern on our own project. This collective project involved us coming up with a high level concept and applying it in an effort to recruit new interns. We made social media and website cover photos for this (an example can be seen above). The final project I was involved with was creating a how-to research pamphlet for future interns. This was created on InDesign.


Marketing intern Black river entertainment fall 2016

Black River Entertainment is an independent country music record label in Nashville, TN. Their roster includes Kelsea Ballerini, Craig Morgan, and Jacob Davis. During my time here, I worked directly with the marketing VP, pitched promotional material, and worked with the design department to help make these ideas happen. Working at a record label is a lot like any other marketing department; we have a product we are trying to promote and get the most ROI from as possible.                                                                                                                                 



do615 marketing/social media intern spring 2016

Do615 was my first internship ever. Do615 is a branch of DoStuff Media. Do615 is a website that keeps up with the "what's what" and the "what's happening" in and around Nashville. They also run sweepstakes and giveaways on their website and provide ticket buying links. While here, I did a lot of backend work, making sure when Do615's website "scraped" info from other websites, that it all came in legible and aesthetically pleasing. I also wrote articles as needed. For example, I wrote an article that was released before the Puppy Bowl, which linked out to local animal rescues.