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X-Culture Project Team 61

To satisfy the group project component of my International Business class, I was allowed to sign up for X-Culture. A total of 4,921 MBA students, undergraduate business students, and non-student contestants from 125 universities in 40 countries on all 6 continents enrolled in the 2017-1 round of the X-Culture competition. Of those, 4,780 passed the Readiness Test and successfully completed the project. A total of 902 reports were submitted in the 2017-1 round of the X-Culture competition. Working in global virtual teams, the teams developed a business proposal for one of half a dozen companies that partnered with X-Culture this semester and provided a detailed plan for implementing the idea. Based on the rigorous assessment and comparison of performance of almost five thousand students from some of the world’s most reputable universities and almost a thousand international teams, members of Team 61 were rated highest worldwide.

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Strategic plan for tcv

For my Strategic Management class, we were placed in group of seven and charged with coming up with a strategic plan for a struggling local nonprofit. Tennessee Conservation Voters (TCV) needed a new plan to help them increase their awareness and revenues. My team put together a 50+ page plan including board analysis, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, alternative strategies, grand strategy, implementation, and evaluation and control. We then condensed this information into a 30 minute presentation made to members of the board.

*report and presentation available upon request


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links simulation firm 1

For Strategic Marketing Management, six teams of three students competed in LINKS. LINKS simulations are integrative, engaging, team-based, customizable, competitive business simulations. It involves configuring products, staffing call centers, funding marketing programs, forecasting, and manufacturing. These decisions were made with research studies that could be ordered through LINKS, though it was up to our own interpretation to use them correctly. As the CEO of my team, it was my job to effectively lead my team to victory and take the lead on presentations. We ended up winning, by having the highest cumulative income, almost two standard deviations above the mean. We also cracked the top 10 worldwide for forecasting accuracy.